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Every Initiative has a story, so do ours!

R.K. Dadhich True Education Pvt. Ltd. took an initiative to enlighten the world of students in rural and semi-urban areas. Due to the lack of resources and proper guidance, these students are unable to make it to abroad for higher education, employment in multinational companies, as they hesitate to talk in English.

Our module named PARAS provide online education courses in English Communication, Personality Development and Career Guidance to the students of 6th – 12th standard through advanced technology modules like customized videos, audios and movie clips to comprehend learning effectively. The basic agenda of PARAS is to polish English speaking skills of each of its students.

Why PARAS is important?

In rural and semi urban areas, children do not get the exposure to communicate in English, within their surroundings. As a result, they couldn’t make it to the top educational institutes like IITs, IIMs, JNU, DU, NLU, BHU etc. or officer level jobs in private, as well as government sectors, like defence, banking, civil services, railways etc. The situation gets aggravated, as their mother language and regional language is involved in teaching methods too. Existing language teaching modules are based on obsolete techniques based on teaching grammar and English to Hindi translation only. At PARAS, we have developed and utilized Cultural Acquisition Techniques (CAT) and Neuro Linguistic Programmes (NLP), based on the grammar and translation techniques from the past.
The PARAS programme target students to overcome career development challenges and acquaint them to interact with people in English.
–Our core mission is to enhance an individual’s English speaking skills, personality, and current affairs knowledge. Also, we aim at providing you the best career counseling by the adepts from the industry. We provide training through digital classes for 6th-12th standard students, nursing colleges’ students, B.Ed and B.Tech. students. Our courses are designed in a way to boost confidence level of the students; enhance their presentation skills and knowledge, in order to convert any career challenge into an opportunity.

When Our Idea Took Shape

You must have heard this phrase “Hard Work, Pays off”. We have tasted it while experimenting in rural and semi urban areas of Rajasthan. We experienced that, students who were too hunky-dory in speaking their mother language have become equally confident in English speaking. Looking at the initial response from the students, some schools in Rajasthan promoted our programmes to their students and many other schools came forward to get it implemented in their school. We started our journey from Rajasthan and swiftly headed to other states of northern India, like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab etc. After receiving an excellent response from our existing clients, we further plan to expand our horizon pan India.

Journey of Avinash Dadhich to
Dr. Avinash Dadhich

Born in a small village named Araksar, District Nagaur, Rajasthan–Mr. Avinash Dadhich took first step in the world towards thousand miles. After his schooling and college from Rajasthan, his train of life drove him to the Delhi University for LLB (Bachelor of Law) and then he practiced law in Delhi High Court for a year.

In 2007, French Government offered him the scholarship to pursue LLM (Master of Law) and in 2009 UK Government offered him the scholarship for PHD in UK. In 2012, he came back to India and joined Ministry of Corporate Affairs. But that wasn’t enough, he worked as a Senior Consultant in Ernst & Young -India and thereafter- joined Deloitte as a Manager.

In 2015, US Government Honored Dr. Avinash Dadhich as Emerging Young Leader in India and he visited San Francisco, Washington DC, New York. During this exposure, he realized that leadership is not limited to politics or niche government Jobs etc. He experienced that leadership quality can bring the change in society through business and social entrepreneurship too.

Taking a cue from the challenges he had faced, in terms of English communication and soft skills during his early life, Dr Dadhich felt an ardent need to introduce a technique that can educate, engage and enlighten the lives of students in rural and semi-urban areas.

To change the concept of teaching module in rural and semi urban area schools, Dr. Avinash Dadhich took an initiative to bring the change in society through PARAS. Paras conducts online education courses in English, Personality Development and Career Counseling.