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How can we make study interesting?

For most of the students, study is a synonym to hard work, concentration, long hours, sacrifices, memorising and exams. Study has become all about competition these days! It’s not good because as a result of this competitive mentality among students, the fundamental objective of study or learning has lost its real identity.

As the students are trying to push it hard and harder, they are losing the interest and all they care about is the marks. But we need to understand that it also has another dimension. After all what one person finds boring, another finds interesting.So what that other person has done to find that subject interesting? All we need is some time, patience and curiosity to find the right direction to study in an interesting way. Not many students are aware of the fact that our memory also functions best when we are interested and excited. Now, isn’t that interesting?

Let’s explore some ways that we can follow in order to keep boredom away while we study.

Find suitable place to study: One of the most important element for effective study is to find a good location. It is very difficult to concentrate in studies if the room is full of distraction. However, for some people studying in a very quiet place can be boring. So, it’s totally up to you to decide what kind of place you require. You need a place which suits you, allows you to concentrate, and is free of distractions.

Don’t get too comfortable: Avoid lying down while studying! If you are too comfortable in your study environment, you are likely to feel sleepy and if you feel sleepy and distracted, you will definitely get bored. A proper chair and table will give support to your back and entire body posture. It will help you to stay focused on study automatically.

Set a calculable goal: Another reason why you get bored irrespective of what you are reading is that you don’t have a clue in which direction the study session is going and what you will accomplish in a given point of time. This is very important otherwise you will feel lost in absence of a finishing line. That is why setting objective is crucial, so that you can also plan your break, concentrates on you study and combat boredom.

Avoid one subject for long time: Things can get little boring if you are concentrating on just one subject for an entire day. Mix it up! Change the topic you are studying. Give your subject 45 minutes to 1 hour but with 100% concentration. This will make the procedure more interesting and exciting. Further, you can also keep your favourite subject for the last so that even if you get little tired, you can enjoy it.

Take small breaks: It is very tiring when you are sitting in same position for hours while studying. This can lead to numerous small periods of boredom. So, your long study session in every 90 minutes or so. A 10-15 minute walk or a brief music session will help to freshen up your mind. Also if possible, try to change your place after the break. It will further help you to stay focused and interested.

Let’s face it, studying isn’t always a most exciting thing to do but it is a necessity. So why can’t we choose an interesting way to do it? Instead of the same old and boring study routine, try some new strategy by implementing any these five great ways to have an interesting study experience.