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5 things you must know what not to say in a job interview

We know you must have prepared a list of What To Say in a job interview but did you make the list of What Not To Say? It is one of the key factors which one should not avoid while preparing for an interview. Most of the job seekers prepare for the things they are going to say but are unaware that some of their answers or comments could hurt their chances of getting a job.

1. My last employer wasn’t good..

Some job seekers think that trashing their previous employer is okay. You’ll often be countered with why you want this job or what made you to switch? Complaining about your last job and talking rubbish could hurt your chances of landing a job. You should focus on the positive answers like “I felt like it was the time to nourish myself on professional front or I was looking for something more rewarding and challenging.”

2. What benefits do I get If..

It’s not an inconsequential question to ask for measuring the potential of your employer in terms of salary and benefits. To jump direct on the financial details of the positions isn’t a good sign. You need to qualify yourself for the position while making sure that the position you are looking for is something that meets your requirements.

3. I’m capable of doing anything.

There are no two suggestions on being confident or positive but being cocky will make you come across as arrogant or ignorant. There must be an evidence of what you are talking about in terms of your expertise or qualification for the job.

4. I have no further questions about this job

Even if your inner spy gets done with the inspection about potential of your employer, try to carry forward the talks whether by asking questions or random counters. It shows that you’re actually interested in the job.

5. Lying about past work experience or specific skills

This is not a fictional story but it happened in some of the companies that employees were fired on the spot or even sued for dishonesty. Answer everything as truthfully as possible; if you are lacking a specific skill but you are a good candidate, you are still in the league.

Paras wishes you Good Luck for the next interview