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8 steps a fresher can crack a job interview

The moment when they got a message from recruiters that your interview has been scheduled tomorrow, their intense anxiety level reach to the peak. They started suffering from nervousness and fear, which usually termed as “Interview Phobia” before appearing for an interview. But candidates who overcome this fear are the absolute winners, but those who cannot, happen to get frequent rejections.

Is it actually that hard to crack a job interview as a fresher? I don’t think so. You just need to follow these eight steps which are mentioned below and that tricks can pull you out of the interview phobia for your entry – level job interview.

Communication Skills

What generally makes candidate to not get into the job is having less impressive communication skills. You need to understand before appearing for an interview that what can possibly go wrong. But if you have a fluency in whatever you speak helps you much to crack the levels.


One of the major key which one needs to understand while appearing for an interview is an active listener. Active listeners are always appreciated in any organization. And listen carefully and do not interrupt or answer before the question is complete.


In that fraction of seconds time period try to understand the meaning of a question and if you won’t get it in a first attempt, asking the meaning and elaboration of that question will never prove you stupid in front of your recruiter.

Be Confident

No matter what answer you are hitting, if you are confident enough whatever you are saying can make an impression. Do not murmur in yourself, it frustrates the recruiter.

Learn ability

You are a fresh graduate and they can pull you down pointing on your skills you are not excel in but if you are able to convince the interviewer that you are a good learner, you can enjoy the brownie points can make your chances high of being selected.

Be honest with your Resume

Make sure that whatever you speak should not be different you have mentioned in Resume. Never flaunt false skills and expertise you don’t have. Stick to your well earned skills and potential that you can vouch for.


Do complete your research about the company before appearing for an interview. You can map the skills with company’s vision.


There might be chances of lacking in negotiating the salary. Being a fresher recruiter will be interested to know that how eager you are to learn and grow with their organization. The only thing which candidate should keeping in concern the value of money they are giving to that company. And do not run for the money.

How Paras is adding value?

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