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8 Common Mistakes While Learning English Language

People in India thinks that learning English Language is as tough as launching a Rocket. But this isn’t true, over the time you learn from your mistakes and you get to know yourself better as a learner. The only thing which you can do for shorten your learning curve by learning other people’s mistakes. This article will help you to know what common mistakes a language learner make.

Take out the notebook to write on or copy this article on your doc file because if you avoid most of the mistakes framed below, you’ll be on your way to fluency in no time!

This Homework Is Acid

Some people see language learning as some kind of homework, they usually slip on ground while taking it as the most difficult thing on earth to learn. If one can surf or YouTube how to play a guitar then why would English Language be any different? Language learning is not difficult to pull off but it is an enjoyable process to open up a world of opportunities and reach to a personal goal. Learning by hitting head on textbooks, grammar drills and flashcards can lead you nowhere until you will not enjoy as you enjoy doing in your native tongue.

Make it enjoyable with reading a book or blog, watching movies, playing computer games, listening to music, meeting friends etc. This approach you to discover different culture and you will find your learning language interesting.

Textbooks Is Everything

Normally people are stuck in textbooks and with same method of learning sink them to the boredom. Make sure you diversify the methods you use because calling a textbook ‘everything’ will not actually help you to develop the skills. Different methods of learning a language tells at what stage you are stand on. Do not approach your learning a language as homework; enjoy it as you enjoy your native language.

Starting like Bolt

Being extremely excited and motivated can gulp your energy which compels you to sit and relax. We all become super excited when it comes to learn new things or language; we feel like let’s buy a book and complete it in a day or two. The speed like Bolt spending hours every day studying the language drain our batteries too early and flow of motivation comes to a stop. But we need to understand that for being a part of long run try not to study more than 30-40 minutes a day. Start slowly and gradually you will pick up after few weeks. To start abruptly makes you to giving up early then after a long break returning back to the learning process won’t help you to grow.

Waiting for the time for speaking

No matter how much knowledge you gain through books, until you don’t speak, your skills will never get in shape. Like after every chapter you complete in school then practice it through exercise for better learning, similarly, while learning a language the more you practice the more you learn. And speaking plays an important role while learning a language. They fear of embarrassing between people if they speak. You really have to overcome your fear and your embarrassment. You should start with anyone around after few weeks of exposure to the language.

It would help you a lot if you interact with the person who too wants to learn English language. It will help you with better pronunciation and your ability to retain new words.

Listening isn’t listed

CD’s are highly artificial which won’t help you to go beyond the boundaries. We all learn things by copying, in schools too we repeat the sentence after teacher and that is the only way you can copy a language by listening to someone speak it. So, listening plays an important role in your English learning process.

Interact with someone or listen some of the interviews in English, it will help you in pronunciation as well.

Direct Translation

One thing every learner should understand that languages are different from each other, and that very often you simply can’t translate particular words and expressions directly. The expressions or patterns which are set in your native language, it does not work out if you employ it while translating. Learners of English Language usually have a hard time getting their head around this simple fact. When you start learning a foreign language, start from a blank slate. No set expressions, or patterns will help you to continue with the language learning.

Where’s the flow

Learning a language is not bind to learn new words only. Learners dedicate little time to really working on their pronunciation, and much less on their flow of the language they are learning. This results in them sounding weird and hard to understand. This might sound you source of distress but it is actually more important than pronunciation if you want to get yourself understood. Indeed, speaking and listening will help you to fix this problem, but it’s always good to consciously work on it too through recording yourself and going over exercises.

Lack of Confidence

The thing which stops you to learn a foreign language effectively is the wrong mindset. Like when you decide that you won’t make it, it’s too hard or too boring for you then it started getting tough for you. Be careful not to confuse competence with confidence. Competence is the ability to do something, whereas confidence is your belief about your competence. Do not lose hope! After all, you learned your mother tongue too, didn’t you? Keep yourself motivated like “you can do it” and make yourself aside from the fact “What others will think about you”. When you start this implying in your learning method, I bet nobody can stop to beat the best.

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Let us know if you think there are other mistakes that language learner should be aware of. Comments your opinion below!