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How positive thinking helps us in our life?

Let’s say you are walking through a forest, and all of sudden, a tiger appears in front of you and you have nowhere to go. How your emotion will respond to that situation?

There is a high possibility that you might encounter fear, anxiety and lack of concentration. Or on the contrary, you might see another perspective of the situation and think about the escape plan all the way by climbing a tree or holding a stick to retaliate the attack. Still, you are not sure if you can save your life, but if you choose an escape plan, you may walk out alive. In either case, our mind works in a different direction, a positive and a negative. Negative thoughts may create anger, anxiety and lack of focus, however, a positive thought brings an escape plan to the situation.

In nutshell, positive thinking broadens the horizon of our mind and creates many possibilities of love, joy and contentment but negative emotions narrow down the thinking process, closes our mind and limit the possibilities of creativity, attention, and focus.

How to bring positivity in our life?

There are many ways to practice positive thinking in our life; one way is to focus on positive thoughts instead of going down to the painful, and unnecessary negative thinking. It is true that it is not simple as it seems, to prevent the negative thoughts from entering into our mind. Few minor changes in our lifestyle can bring a new energy to the life.

Here are 5 things which instantly boost our energy and we experience the positive outcome of life:

Meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga do not give us positive thought but they stabilise our mind so we can relax our thoughts and bring attention to our breath. Yoga helps us to stay present at the moment so we do not dwell into our past or future.

Surround yourself with the positive people

When we talk about positive people, it does not mean the people who praise us but the people who give constructive and loving feedback on our weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, be careful of choosing your friends and family.

Remember no one is perfect

On many occasions, we get anxious about our skills, knowledge and power but remember we all are blessed with something and this is the only way we can help each other in this world.

Write, sing or dance

A hobby that soothes our mind and body play very crucial role in bringing positivity in our life, hence we must learn something new. Make a journal or to-do-list of our day’s activity.

Remember your happiness comes first

Your happiness is the first thing you must focus on. The world is weeping over success, power, and money but you must follow your instinct.

Be positive, always! It makes you gentle, expressive, happy, strong, successful and peaceful.