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“Recipe for success…”

Success is well defined in mind prior to its true existence & so our behavioral competence drives for decision and action. Fundamentally, its essential to identify our need & wants clear to justify/synergize our resourcefulness.

So, let’s first understand “SUCCESS” stands for..

Surety & Certainty to win :

We have to be very optimistic ,keeping end in mind as winner .Reason being this approach will indulge energy & momentum with focus. Consequently clarity will act as power vehicle.

Ultimate Goals :

Our goals must be painful, empowering us to think, look & act always towards our goals. In turn, we have to raise our standards for massive action. Goals are only achievable with consistency & persistency of repeated strategic actions, till u achieve.

Courage to self empower :

We win or loose depends on our thought & actions .We rationalize things instantly to attain pleasure & to avoid pain. Overcoming this doubt or fear of failure is what takes u ahead of your goals. As repetitions is the mother of habit brings success as opportunity always instead of challenge.

Caring is Sharing :

We generally define life as :”Process of Accumulation” All our thinking ,acting & contributing process is self centered & this interest give birth to degradation in health,wealth & happiness. Nature is our bank , whatever we deposit as good act(sharing or giving) we get back in many fold as our interest(Law of Nature).Things are what meaning we give to them!!!

Education must be wisdom :

Wisdom is well defined as Knowledge + Experience, Purpose oriented efforts & outcome will define true significance of acquired knowledge & experience as learning .Mind is the ocean of thoughts ,wisdom guide us to control/utilize these thoughts & optimize our energy resource as potential.

Subconscious Conditioning :

Subconscious mind controls 90% of our mind functioning & practically it’s potential is not utilized .Rather unknowingly we are creating negative patterns & storing them as our deep beliefs, which in turn restricts our actions emerging destructive emotions. So, we have to condition our subconscious mind through positive affirmations(incantations),visulisation, Creating positive patterns as experiences turned beliefs for destiny design.

Spiritually Powerful :

Life is the synergy of individual & environment where by as per the law of cause & affect ,individual internal change can only change your outer world .Mass focus on environment to change consequently face more stress, depression & resentment. If body, mind & soul is rightly aligned, the by product is only fulfillment .Success without fulfillment is Faliure, because feeling of spiritual attainment is essential.