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How to overcome the fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking is real and it is common among many students. Most often they face nervousness, sweating, and continual negative thoughts while standing on the podium. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual setting, fear of public speaking can ruin the attention while giving the direct speech to the audience.

It is essential to address these issues at primary level so when students get into the professional world they already prepare for the worst and conquer the fear of public speaking.

Every problem has its solution; likewise, there are few practical ways that can greatly help the students to overcome this dilemma. There are some techniques that must be followed diligently to achieve desired results in less time.

Know your audienceBefore you prepare a speech or a presentation, you must know who you are delivering it to, who are the audience? And what is their understanding about the subject. If you are speaking about the complex issue, you must ensure that they can understand it properly. Know your audiences before you go to the podium.

Try to speak in front of mirrorThe idea seems impractical but it works, many contemporary speakers have accepted that they practice public speaking in front of the mirror before they go to the final presentation. Remember few things while practising; observe your body language, your tone, and facial expressions.

Work on your breathing patternBreathing in and breathing out is the best way to eliminate negativity and nervousness while speaking. Once you will consciously focus on your breathing pattern, you will shift your consciousness into the other direction.

Sip the water while speaking Carry a bottle of water with you during a speech if you feel drowsy or disconnected, take a sip of it. Many great orators use this technique and take water bottle while giving a presentation.

Speak about the subject that you know very wellConfidence is the key but it comes up with the knowledge. If possible, chose a subject which you are more comfortable with. The audience might ask you some questions about your presentation, it’s better to speak on the matters that you profoundly know.

Don’t focus on too much on audienceIf back in mind, you are constantly thinking about your audience, your mind may get distracted and you might end up with bad speech. The audience may approve or disapprove your opinion, you must go on, don’t bother about their response. Sometimes, right flow takes time, just don’t think too much about the audience and focus on yourself.

Organise your thoughts and write into the paperIt is important to know what comes first and what go next, if you are talking about poverty in India, you must collect some facts and figures to prove your point. Organise your entire speech into the different step, so you can recall every step.

Give a demo speech to your friends before you go to the podiumBefore you go to the podium give a demo speech to your friends. Practice makes a man perfect. Take feedbacks from everyone about your speech.

Take help from PowerPointIf you are giving a presentation in laptop projector, PowerPoint presentation can be really helpful; you can run the presentation slides one by one according to your speech. This process will organise your thought process.

Take a pause if you are confusedHow many times did you get stuck between the speeches? It’s common and it can happen to anyone, if you think nervousness and negativity is overpowering you, take a pause for a moment during your speech.