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5 Study Distractions and How to Get Rid of it

Flip back the pages of old times where only distraction used to sneak up on you was Electricity. Today’s in the world of inverter you can effectively avoid this problem as well. Over the time, students have been finding strange ways to do everything except what they should be doing. So basically we are here to tell you the problem which comes to you in many forms and how you can effectively avoid it.

1. Family Environments

We are sure that if you are reading this article sitting at home, distractions will be confirmed, especially in Indian houses where moms cannot spend a minute without speaking.

How to get rid of it:

To kick out this distraction, set a room or space which would be designate for work or study use only. Be your own Iron Man and set a villa of your study outside from all the chaos.

2. Movies and TV

Being a Movie Addict I experienced this distraction where I used to deferred my studies for tomorrow. It was always too late to study coz episodes of “Teen Wolf” or “New Girl” helped me to break my promises to study.

How to get rid of it:

These days you can scheduled your TV series, web series, Blu-rays, DVDs, live streaming to avoid the distraction. Don’t let them suck in you.

3. Friends and Family

Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Children, Spouses and best buddies are born to love you and tell you that how important you are in their life, adding so many positive memories to life. But these relationships must be managed to accommodate for education.

How to get rid of it:

Communication is life saver. If they really love you and understand about your progress and development, if you tell them how important your studies are, they will definitely nod their head yes.

4. Internet

Internet is like refrigerator, you know nothing is inside; still you open it hundred times. Facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram can be effective tools for education, social activity and networking, but social media gaming can go for long hours.

How to get rid of it:

Turn off your router and do not allow your phone to show wifi strengths around you. Else, temptation to “cheat” is amazing.

5. Study Buddies

Isn’t it cool? Study buddies generally become close friends and as friendship blossom, so, too, can distractions.

How to get rid of it:

Stay on what you decide before studying together. Set up your group goals and objectives for your study sessions and time them.