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5 reasons why B.Sc Nursing graduate don’t get jobs

You might be assuming that after graduating from a nursing college you will land into a good job with a hefty pay package, but it is not as simple as it seems. Just like other industries, nursing industry is also dynamically changing and if you really want to earn big by making difference in someone’s life you should get rid of the following challenges of current scenario.

Lack of information

Students from the rural areas are uniformed about nursing diameters and alternate career options. Their statistical knowledge about the future prospects of nursing in national and international market is very poor. The colleges in the outer edge of the cities are less informed about career opportunities and have no placement cell.

Outdated Teaching Module

Lack of good communication skills, particularly in English, results low self-esteem and low confidence level in students. Existing language teaching modules in rural and semi-urban areas are based on outdated grammar translation techniques.

English Communication skills

The major barrier which comes across the students of nursing is English Communication skills. Teachers in rural areas use local languages to impart the subjective knowledge. Indeed, it affects the environment and students too.


Every student knows themselves. According to a Paras Survey, most of the students studying in rural areas admitted that due to lack in English Communication skills they get eliminated from the interview process of Private Hospitals. Because it requires fluency in English and those students are not good at it.

New career aspects

Nobody has told students about the benefits of working abroad. Yes, after graduating you are not limited to work in India only, but working abroad can help you get international exposure, great salary and a positive self-transformation and after getting international exposure your value in India will be at the sky’s limit. Likewise, many colleges abroad offer multiple master programmes that requires IELTS and TOEFL scores for admission.

How Paras is changing their lives?

Paras Education recently introduced Paras Medicomm – a unique programme that combines English language learning, personality development and career guidance in a fun and interesting manner. The content is delivered through full HD videos designed by an experienced creative team to overcome the current challenges being faced by nursing students. It offers a comprehensive English learning for native and intermediate learners. Paras Medicomm follows current trends in the industry and have created all modules in a way that the boredom of learning can entirely eliminate.