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Paras Medicomm

Paras have introduced a special programme for nursing students to trim the challenges they face in existing nursing education system. A lack of good communication skills, particularly in English, results in low self-esteem and low confidence in students.

Existing language teaching modules are based on obsolete techniques based on teaching grammar and English to Hindi translation only. This is largely based on memorizing learning technique that is soon forgotten by the students as soon as the course is over, as it has no practical influence.

Existing private and government educational institutions are being unable to fill this lacuna due to severe lack of quality training.

How Paras Medicomm is Unique?

Paras Medicomm is a unique programme that combines English Language Learning, Personality Development and Career Guidance in a fun and interesting manner. The content is delivered through full HD videos that are designed by an experienced creative team. A survey by Times of India shows that 90 percent of online/digital learning is effective. This means that Online/Digital Teaching provides a unique opportunity to students today for effective learning.

Paras’s Medicomm is India’s first language training module that utilizes the latest Cultural Acquisition Model and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). All current language learning modules are based on memorizing vocabulary and grammar structures, or at best incorporate elements of translation from the mother tongue to English.

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